New Article Highlights Kidney Community’s Response to COVID

New Article Highlights Kidney Community’s Response to COVID

May 26, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic may be far from over, but the way our community responded to the pandemic undoubtedly saved many lives. In a recent article for Fierce Healthcare, Drs. Brigitte Schiller and Mary Dittrich, Chief Medical Officers for Satellite Healthcare and U.S. Renal Care, respectively, outline healthcare providers’ unique challenges and successes in caring for those living with kidney disease.

Our community quickly adapted from early efforts to ensure continued dialysis care while managing COVID-19 risks to expanded telehealth and home dialysis opportunities. Advocacy efforts from KCP and many of our members were also instrumental in ensuring the ability of dialysis providers to distribute vaccines.

As Drs. Schiller and Dittrich stated in the article, “COVID-19 presented many challenges to people living with kidney disease and the healthcare providers who care for them. But what we have learned about ourselves and our unified, powerful community is that, together, we are strong enough to face any challenge and will always do whatever it takes to care for our patients. Looking to the future, we must continue to advocate for policies at the state and federal levels that prioritize the unique needs of our patients.”

We encourage you to read the full article on the Fierce Healthcare website to learn more.