Member Benefits

KCP offers a wide range of services and benefits to its members, including:

Participation in the Consensus Process and Policy Development

Each member organization is provided one seat and one vote on policy issues that arise within the coalition. Each member is afforded the opportunity to help shape KCP priorities, positions, and strategies, and may participate in committees and workgroups that are integral to determining KCP policy positions, legislative specifications, and regulatory comments.

Representation and Advocacy Engagement

KCP has expert legislative and regulatory counsel who represent the interests of KCP on Capitol Hill and to the Administration, and who engage membership in preparing formal comments on rulemaking proposals, preparing legal analyses related to proposed and final federal policies, and in drafting legislative language for congressional consideration. Additionally, Key meetings with the Administration and Members of Congress, as well as scheduled KCP Capitol Hill Days, are implemented throughout the year – both in-person and virtually – providing KCP members with the opportunity to directly influence and interact with Administration officials, Members of Congress, and their staff.

Advocacy-Related Research and Analysis

KCP engages the services of various research organizations to assist in analyzing various data sets, assessing policy proposals and their impact on the kidney care community, drafting white papers, and guiding KCP members in their advocacy arguments.

Special Initiatives to Improve Quality of Care

KCP launched a national quality initiative several years ago, known as the Kidney Care Quality Alliance (KCQA), that has taken three directions: Development of quality metrics, creation and management of the PEAK campaign, and the preparation of a strategic quality blueprint.

Media Engagement and Communication

KCP has an outstanding media team that maintains a robust public communications program, including earned and paid media engagement, placement of articles and opinion pieces in national publications, a website and social media presence to assist in educating the public on kidney care and relevant issues, and communications to members of Congress about KCP priorities. KCP also regularly monitors activities and information of interest to the kidney care community and issues a weekly publication reporting on relevant developments.

Coalition Decision-Making

As a member of KCP, you join a broad array of diverse stakeholders in the kidney care community. All policy positions are voted on by KCP members in a one-member, one-vote process. KCP seeks to achieve the strongest possible consensus within the membership on policy matters. However, when unanimous agreement cannot be reached, KCP seeks to advance initiatives that reflect the position of a "healthy majority" of the membership.

Policy positions are brought to the full KCP membership after a discussion among members serving on a particular workgroup. KCP members may appoint representatives to these workgroups, which are created on an ad hoc basis around various issues and engage in expert discussions on legislative and regulatory initiatives. Activities of these workgroups may include (but are not limited to) development of legislative language, the preparation of comment letters to federal agencies, and the development of KCP-specific operational policies. 

Member Leadership Involvement

There are several opportunities for members to participate in KCP leadership.

Coalition Chair/Chair-Elect:

KCP members elect a Coalition Chair/Chair-Elect every two years. A Nominating Committee recommends a single individual to the membership, then KCP members vote on the nominee. The goal is to ensure each Chair/Chair-Elect has the support of all KCP members.

Operations Committee:

The Operations Committee manages issues related to strategy, budget, and staffing. Committee members are determined based on dues contributions, plus three non-profit representatives that have been selected by their constituency group colleagues.

Executive Leadership Council:

The Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, or other Executive Leader of each member organization is invited to participate in this visionary group which meets two to three times a year to discuss ideas and reach consensus on long-term goals for the future of kidney care.

Join Us!

KCP is a diverse coalition with a wide array of stakeholder groups focused on improving kidney care for individuals across the care continuum. Any non-profit or for-profit organization with an expressed interest in improving kidney care may be considered for membership in KCP. After an initial interview and upon a mutual decision to move forward, the organization will then be asked to complete a formal membership application for initial consideration by the KCP Operations Committee. Upon acceptance, the application is then presented to the full KCP Membership for final approval.

Interested in KCP Membership?

Please contact Christine Walizer, KCP Operations and Membership Director, via email at cwalizer@kidneycarepartners.com or by phone at 703.856.0452 to learn more.