Recognizing the Faces of the Kidney Community During National Kidney Month

Recognizing the Faces of the Kidney Community During National Kidney Month

March 1, 2022

March is National Kidney Month. Today, an estimated 37 million Americans – roughly equivalent to the population of California- live with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and each year more than 130,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney failure. This irreversible condition, also known as end stage renal disease (ESRD), is fatal without a kidney transplant or life-sustaining dialysis treatment. Of those individuals with ESRD, more than 97,000 are currently waiting for a kidney transplant.

These staggering numbers remind us why it is so critical to provide prevention and education resources so patients can avoid developing ESRD and ensure access to quality dialysis care essential for those individuals already living with ESRD. By learning about the risk factors associated with kidney diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure, more Americans can take steps to help keep their kidneys healthy.

KCP’s coalition represents the entire kidney community – from patients, physicians, and nurses to transplant coordinators, therapeutic innovators, researchers, dialysis professionals, and manufacturers. We all work together to improve care, increase access and patient choice, and meet patients’ needs at every stage. We acknowledge the important role that every member of our community plays.

That’s why this month, we’re going to highlight the “Faces of the Kidney Community” by spotlighting different individuals within the KCP community!

The faces of the kidney community deserve recognition, and we hope you’ll follow along all month to learn more about the people who are united with KCP in the fight against kidney disease.