Quality Priorities

The Performance, Excellence, and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) Campaign

The Performance, Excellence, and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) campaign was a voluntary, national goal-based quality improvement initiative conducted between 2009 and 2012 to improve survival for patients new to dialysis.

Working with patients, clinicians, researchers, and other experts in the kidney care community, KCP partnered with Dr. Vincent Mor, Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice and the Florence Pirce Grant University Health in the Brown University School of Public Health.

Brown University was tasked with monitoring the data in consultation with a Data/Results Expert Panel. KCP also worked with Quality Partners of Rhode Island to manage the Expert Panels who identified both clinical and patient and family engagement best practices to improve survival rates. KCP greatly appreciates the significant time, effort, and expertise of the Expert Panel members, whose contributions were invaluable.

During the time period of the PEAK campaign, data showed successful reduction in the one-year mortality rate for dialysis patients by of 13.6% and the 90-day mortality rate by 25%.