Congress Has the Opportunity to Greenlight Proven Care Models for Chronically Ill Patients, Starting with Kidney Patients

Published by Morning Consult By Dr. Ed Jones July 29, 2015 Each day, millions of Americans are forced to confront an unrelenting, and in many ways, unassailable opponent.  This adversary comes in the form of so-called “chronic conditions” – illnesses, which can be managed but never cured. And despite immense progress in the way our nation…

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Op-Ed: Let’s Connect the Chronic Kidney Disease Dots

Published by MedPage Today By LaVarne Burton, Hrant Jamgochian, and Kevin Longino July 27, 2015   For years, there has been a disconnect between the powerful impact of kidney disease and the scale of our nation’s response. An estimated 26 million people in the United States are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). And for…

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Time to tackle kidney disease head-on

Published by The Hill July 14, 2015 Approximately 50 years ago, kidney failure was virtually a death sentence. Fortunately, in 1972, Congress had the foresight and compassion to create the Medicare end-stage renal disease (ESRD) benefit. In doing so, Congress ensured that regardless of age or income, any American would have access to life-saving dialysis…

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Policy changes in kidney care would boost quality, cut costs

Published by Modern Healthcare July 13, 2015   The recent article on the risks associated with catheter use for patients requiring dialysis (“Dialysis patients get substandard care despite guidelines,”, June 23) didn’t identify policy solutions that could reduce catheters and lead to increased use of grafts and fistulas, the preferred forms of dialysis access….

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KCP: ease restrictions for ESRD patients wanting to join MA plans

Published by Nephrology News & Issues July 7, 2015 Restrictions should be lifted for new Medicare patients wanting to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans after being diagnosed with kidney failure, Kidney Care Partners wrote in a recent letter to Congress. Currently, Medicare beneficiaries in fee-for-service plans who develop end-stage renal disease cannot join in an MA…

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