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Growing Nephrology Nursing Workforce Crisis Demands Policy Attention

A perfect storm of external and internal factors has combined to worsen an already dire nursing shortage nationwide, particularly in the field of nephrology: a rapidly aging population and workforce, increased levels of burnout among nurses, and the overall impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation has become a crisis for our nation’s healthcare community….

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More than 10 years later, it is time to rethink the ESRD payment bundle

The Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease program started 50 years ago with an amendment to the Social Security Act of 1972. Coverage under Medicare was unique and gave hope to thousands of patients with end-stage kidney disease and an opportunity to live on dialysis or receive a kidney transplant without financial burden. Click here to see…

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This World Kidney Day, Kidney Care Partners Remains Committed to Ensuring Access to Quality Kidney Care and Prevention Resources

WASHINGTON –  Kidney Care Partners (KCP) – the nation’s leading kidney care multi-stakeholder coalition representing patient advocates, physician organizations, health professional groups, dialysis providers, researchers and manufacturers – marked World Kidney Day to emphasize its key policy objectives to improve workforce development, drive kidney care innovation, support disease prevention, and restore statutory protections for patients living with…

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Business Insider

The medical ‘heroes’ who help save the lives of kidney-dialysis patients when massive storms hit the US

On Christmas Day 2022, while most residents in upstate New York were getting ready to enjoy the festivities, Michael Sloma was on a mercy mission to save a life. The region was still reeling from a once-in-a-century blizzard that had left dozens of people dead, and Sloma was determined that a woman who needed dialysis wasn’t going…

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Medical Teams Weather Storms to Save Lives of Dialysis Patients

Christmas of last year, Michael Sloma knew he had a job to do — to help a woman who needed dialysis, reported Business Insider. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in 500 Americans is on dialysis. The chaos of severe weather conditions can throw patients in a mix. Click here to see the full article…

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