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Kidney Care Partners Calls On CMS, Lawmakers To Reform ESRD Policies

Kidney Care Partners calls for a legislative and regulatory overhaul of renal disease treatment, including changes to the Medicare end-stage renal disease prospective payment system, an expansion of the Medicare Kidney Disease Education benefit, an extension of Medigap access for those with kidney disease and an HHS study on the social, behavioral and biological factors…

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Kidney Care Partners releases new blueprint to prioritize kidney care

Advocacy group Kidney Care Partners has released a new plan outlining its vision for the future of kidney care in the United States. The organization said Kidney Care First: A Framework for Improving Renal Disease Support & Treatment is a blueprint for care that addresses the kidney disease cycle — from prevention to transplant. “The kidney care…

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Announcing Kidney Care First

For many years now, across all 50 states, healthcare providers, patient advocates, scientists, and researchers have watched with growing concern as a devastating health crisis flourished with no signs of abating: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the ninth-leading cause of death in the United States and affects more than 30 million Americans. Another 726,000 individuals…

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Kidney Care Partners Addresses Growing Kidney Disease Epidemic with Comprehensive Roadmap for the Future of Care in the United States

Kidney Care First framework offers renewed vision for quality care across the continuum, from disease prevention to dialysis innovation to improved organ transplant access WASHINGTON – In response to the nation’s growing kidney disease epidemic, Kidney Care Partners (KCP) today released a comprehensive new roadmap outlining the group’s renewed vision for the future of kidney…

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The Hill

Proposed bipartisan kidney legislation takes on kidney disease epidemic in America

It wasn’t that long ago that kidney disease was considered a terminal illness. The first successful kidney transplant occurred just 69 years ago and the first dialysis clinic opened 12 years later. Our health care system took longer to respond – it was another decade before a Medicare program was established to help pay for…

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