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Is the HIF-PHI class of next-generation kidney drugs doomed in the U.S.?

Kidney disease patients need access to innovative therapies to expand treatment choices and improve quality of life. The FDA should closely examine whether it is applying the appropriate benefit/risk assessment for new drugs intended for this population. Click here to see the full article on the MedCity News website.

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Fierce Healthcare

America’s kidney patients are desperate for new treatments

America has a kidney problem. The federal government has the power to help solve it. Today, 37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD)—that’s one out of every seven U.S. adults. The majority have CKD as a result of diabetes or hypertension, but CKD isn’t a mere side effect of those conditions; it is its…

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Issues & Insights

The FDA Is Blocking Game-Changing New Drugs For Kidney Disease

Imagine you’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, told by your physician that if it can’t be managed, you may eventually need a transplant or long-term dialysis. This scary situation is one faced by hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Click here to see the full article on the Issues & Insights website.

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Healio Nephrology News & Issues

Kidney groups call out US Supreme Court decision on DaVita, hospital employee health plan

Several kidney organizations have spoken out against the recent overruling of Marietta Memorial Hospital Employee Benefit Health Plan v. DaVita by the U.S. Supreme Court. In the lawsuit, DaVita claimed the hospital health plan discriminated against employees requiring dialysis. As Healio previously reported, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Marietta Memorial Hospital offered the same outpatient…

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