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CMS Working On Potential Changes To ESRD Pay System

July 12, 2019

CMS is working on possible changes to the end stage renal disease pay system as part of a broader kidney care revamp unveiled by HHS Wednesday (July 10), as the agency says that “continual refinement of the ESRD PPS is necessary to benefit people living with ESRD.”

CMS also is looking at ways to encourage ESRD facilities to provide new and innovative drugs and biologics for ESRD treatment and is considering pay issues associated with new and innovative supplies and equipment those facilities could use for dialysis services.

While much of Wednesday’s initiative was focused on new innovation center models for kidney care, HHS’ department-wide “Advancing American Kidney Health” report says Medicare “will continue to support payment rule changes for the ESRD PPS that focus on patient care, support innovation, reduce burdens, and lower costs.”

Kidney Care Partners, which has asked CMS to make changes to the ESRD prospective payment system as part of its framework to overhaul renal disease treatment, said the initiative laid out on Wednesday lined up with its requests.

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