Rep. Marino Sponsors Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Revolutionize Critical Research for Kidney Disease

June 10, 2014

Yesterday, Congressman Tom Marino, PA-10, introduced H.R. 4814, “The Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act” with cosponsor Representative John Lewis, GA-05. The legislation is specifically designed to improve research efforts, access to treatment and expand care options available to patients. Congressman Marino said the following about the legislation:

“In 1999 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Of course it was a pivotal moment in my life but I have to say the technological advancements in medicine at that time without a doubt saved my life. Aside from my own treatment, it was especially heart wrenching to see children suffer from this cancer and disease and those experiences reaffirmed my view that there’s a legitimate place for resources to be allocated towards improving research and treatment.

Today, advances in technology signal promising improvements to save lives whether it is in the form of artificial kidneys or transplants. Treatments are becoming less invasive and patients can even receive dialysis care from home. Like so many health related causes out there, this cause is close to my heart and I will always work to secure more resources for treatments, increase donor activity, promote screenings and advancements in technology.

I am incredibly thankful to my friend and colleague Mr. Lewis for joining me in sponsoring this legislation as well as Dr. Ed Jones of Kidney Care Partners. The work we will do together is truly a testament that important healthcare issues can be addressed and resolved in with commonsense legislation. This is important work and I am confident that many of my colleagues in the House will join us in championing this vital blueprint for the future.”