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The medical ‘heroes’ who help save the lives of kidney-dialysis patients when massive storms hit the US

March 5, 2023

On Christmas Day 2022, while most residents in upstate New York were getting ready to enjoy the festivities, Michael Sloma was on a mercy mission to save a life.

The region was still reeling from a once-in-a-century blizzard that had left dozens of people dead, and Sloma was determined that a woman who needed dialysis wasn’t going to join their ranks.

Sloma, the group vice president of operations at US Renal Care, is one of many unsung heroes who leap into action when snowstorms, hurricanes, or wildfires hit the US. 

One in 500 Americans is on dialysis, according to the National Kidney Foundation, and each knows it is their lifeline. The chaos of an extreme-weather event can put many of them at risk of missing their all-important treatments. 

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